How Curtains Can Help Soundproof Your Home

In the battle against external noise (and even internal noise if you’re living with a noisy teenager!), extra long curtains can really make a difference. It may sound a little on the crazy side, but curtains aren’t just about making your windows and rooms look good. In fact, they have a vital role to play when it comes to soundproofing your home.

If you live on a busy road where traffic roars past at all hours, or you live above a shop or premises, or maybe next door to a pub, and you want to shut out as much of that external noise as possible, it’s time to consider curtains – especially extra long ones.

If you dress your windows properly, you can really help to cut down on those external noise levels and it’s all down to a bit of fabric. If this is one of your main aims when buying your curtains, you’ll need to look out for a few things –

• Thick, quality fabric
• Curtains that are the right size
• Curtains with a layer of vinyl backing

First off, make sure you buy curtains that are thick and made from a quality fabric. This could be something like velvet. Basically, the thicker the material, the more sound it will absorb, and the more sound it absorbs, the less noise you’ll hear from outside.

You’ll also need to make sure that your curtains are the right size for your windows. Buy curtains that are even the tiniest bit too small and you won’t be doing yourself any favours when it comes to soundproofing. You need to ensure your curtains cover the whole of the window, and as much of the area around it – this is one of the reasons extra long curtains can work well in soundproofing your home.

With advances in technology, these days you can also buy curtains that come with a layer of vinyl backing to help absorb as much external noise as possible. These curtains are especially handy if you live in an old building with thin walls made from lathe and plaster. Whereas modern buildings are insulated well using panels of foil-covered foam sheets, many old buildings have thin walls that do nothing in the battle to keep out sound.

Extra measures

If you live in a really built-up area where sound levels are a serious problem, you could even consider doubling-up on the curtain front. Use a curtain track and a curtain pole together and you’ll be able to hang two sets of curtains over your window. This will help absorb even more noise, and can actually look incredibly stylish too.

To get the most out of using curtains to help soundproof your home, remember to buy thick, quality curtains, look for curtains with a special soundproof backing, and consider doubling up if you really want to make a difference. With a bit of effort, some time, and skill, curtains could mean the difference between a lovely quiet room and one that’s filled with outside noise.

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