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Five Keys to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Home

Your home interiors are beautifully groomed with curtains, sofas, bed furnishings and a lot more stuffs! Such stuffs are always exposed to significant wear and tear. Whether users plan to buy new accessories or they plan to reupholster their old one. They need to know essentials or rather keys to choose the best fabric for their specific needs. These accessories, for instance your curtains, play a large role in setting the tone of your decor. You have to make innumerable choices before choosing the fabric for these accessories.

For instance, if you plan to buy curtains, if they are too heavy, they make a room feel dreary. If it’s too light, the room seems to be unfinished. Hence, while determining the purpose that you want your curtains to serve, you need to choose the fabric that essentially suits your taste.

Here are five keys that you should consider during your purchase:

1. Color of the fabric: Preferably choosing a neutral color would meet your requirements. Neutral colors and patterns offer you few benefits, like they stay in style longer than trendy prints. They let your accessories shine by taking a backseat and trust me you won’t be tired of something that doesn’t catch your eyes the moment you walk into the room.

2. Weight of the fabric: Few of the fabrics are heavy (tapestry, wool cloth, leather) and few are lightweight (satin, taffeta, linen, chintz). It is observed and has been seen that the heavyweight fabrics are much more durable than lightweight fabrics.

3. Weave: This particular quality can be easily checked by the thread count (threads per square inch), the higher the thread count, and more tightly woven fabric. But you need to keep in mind that a heavy wool thread cannot be packed as tightly as a fine cotton thread. Open weaves is a major drawback as compared to the tightly woven fabrics.

4. Picturing: While shopping in a store or any virtual outlet where you pick the frame and fabric separately and have the piece custom made, ask to see the computer image of what the finished piece will look like. For instance, the stripe or floral that looks demure on a little swatch may groom your five-foot long sofa. All you need is to picture it.

5. Interaction with the seller: Inquisitive buyers always have innumerable questions about the product. The sellers are equally motivated to respond to all the queries. Generally, chemical finishes are applied to fabrics and fibers to enhance their durability. Question the seller by asking them the point during the manufacturing process when the finish is applied, what it repels and whether the finish is guaranteed or not. Your main aim should be to understand how a fabric finish will perform in your home before you buy.

Not much, but easy ways that you can adopt while choosing the fabric for your accessories. Product each have their own process; check the guarantee, life span and cleaning instructions of the finishes before applying them to upholstery fabrics.

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