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Best Architectural Design Applications

Software is very important to the modern architecture sector where the customers are able to see concept drawings, blueprints, and physical models. The customers will see virtual representation which will offer more detail. With the help of 3D modeling, you can design interiors and populate the buildings. Even you can adjust lighting effects and account for how external forces will affect a building. So, each software will have different to offer when it comes to free architectural apps and can suit your needs for the setups process. Below is the best architectural design applications.

AutoCAD 360

Autodesk's AutoCAD 360 UWP app updated to version 4.0 - MSPoweruser

This software is the first step for creating 3D models and will allow you to develop drawings that can represent the buildings at more basic levels. So, you can transfer this kind of drawing to other software packages for working on the more advanced modeling concepts. Also, AutoCAD is useful in many ways because of its compatibility and files.

My Measures

This application will allow you to store and share any object dimensions and all you need to do is by taking a picture of the object and add dimensions like arrows, angles, details and equip them with the next comments for simple understanding.  So, this application will have features which can synchronize projects between multiple devices, access files on PC via the web, collaborate with others using shared folder features, and share/ receive files through the download/ receive links.  Also, this app must be used for builders and architects. My Measures are best for free architectural apps.


AR Meets AI in Apple iPhone and iPad—magicplan 8 Enters New Dimension

This application will help the architects with room plans by using your device’s camera and augmented reality. Measure rooms, produce floor plans and propose work estimates, and all of these can be conveniently edited and exported as pdf, Dxf, and jpg.


This application can be perfect when you need inspiration for designing the project. With thousands and millions of photos of exteriors and interiors, the app will allow you to save images and visualize the finished project.

The above-mentioned software will have specific features that can help in creating a model for your design when it comes to free architectural apps. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best architectural design applications. Thanks for reading!

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